How to get followers on Instagram free

Before you start gaining followers, make sure your profile is complete and have a content plan. You must post regularly and explore your niche creatively – there will be no chance to make the first impression a second time. With this in mind, let’s analyze from simple to complex what tools will help you get followers on Instagram free.

10 ways to get followers on Instagram free

These ideas will help increase the number of followers on Instagram without cheating, and they rely on the internal functionality of the social network. Some tools work on the principle of “tagging”: you set a description, hashtags, geotags, etc., and the social network independently generates recommendations for users.

1. Hashtags and keywords

They will help you get good coverage, get recommended, and attract new followers to your Instagram account. But this will only work if the hashtags are relevant to the topic of your post. And do not abuse high-frequency tags: firstly, your post will be lost in the general stream, and secondly, there is a risk of getting into a shadowban.

Use low-frequency tags – under which less than 10 thousand publications are placed, and medium-frequency tags – from 10 to 500 thousand. They belong to niche search and are more likely to attract the target audience. To get the latest stories, install our app here

For convenience, type a few dozen target hashtags and combine them under posts, but it’s better to repeat them less often. The optimal number of tags under the post is up to ten.

Tips. When you write all the hashtags, create a system of your unique tags that no one uses. They will be needed for easy navigation through different sections of your posts.

An important point that you should pay attention to when promoting on Instagram is the profile header. The profile header is your “face”, the first impression of the account. The role of the header is to give a concise answer about what is happening in the profile to inspire confidence.

Strong text and the use of keywords in the header convey the positioning and benefits of the brand influence the growth of subscriptions and sales. Do not get carried away with writing in a heart, be brief but understandable. Plus, Instagram only skips 150 characters.

 2. Geotagging

Geotag your posts. This will look like a place of interest that can be visited for several reasons on the map. For example, you sell your services there. Geotags can also be set by your clients (not necessarily bloggers) who maintain their Instagram pages for friends and acquaintances. A person will see a mark on the map, read the post, look at your profile, and subscribe if he likes it. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Even if you don’t have a business, geotagging still makes sense. They help users interested in the life and blogosphere of their city. But the main factors determining whether a person subscribes or not remain the thematic niche of the profile and the quality of the content. Subject to all these conditions, it is a great way to get targeted followers on Instagram for free.

3. Participation in challenges

Today, you won’t surprise anyone with Instagram marathons and challenges, but this method will come in handy to attract new subscribers. A challenge that the account owner throws to his friends the audience after performing certain actions. The main thing in challenges is to do something, show your coolness, and encourage the audience to repeat after you, accept a challenge, or throw a similar one to your friends, close circle, etc.

If the content responds to a large number of people, then they will repost it to their stories, comment, tag you. At first, you can resort to a little trick and arrange a discussion and reposting on a certain topic between you and your friends to attract the audience’s attention.

 4. Mutual PR

On Instagram, VP (mutual PR) is another of the coolest ways to gain an audience. Both novice bloggers and business accounts can use it.

You need to choose partners for mutual PR carefully. They should have a target audience as close as possible to yours, approximately the same number of subscribers – and, of course, the conditions for cooperation should be suitable. To get the latest stories, install our app here

For example, a photographer and a makeup artist can promote each other’s pages since they have approximately the same target audience. In addition, this is an ideal tandem for further cooperation.

 5. Shared content (co-authorship)

Not so long ago, Instagram introduced a new user collaboration feature – joint publications and Reels. In addition, today, brands, influencers, and celebrities are more willing to cooperate than to compete. Now users can invite other people as authors of publications. Co-authorship in the IG will help increase the reach and engagement because a combined audience will see the post of all authors.

For collaboration, you can choose a partner not only from your niche. For example, a company that sells building materials can cooperate with a furniture factory, and a beauty brand with beauty can cooperate with a blogger.

To find a suitable author or brand for a joint post, check the match for the following parameters:

  • Your products/services do not compete with each other;
  • You have a similar target audience;
  • Goods/services complement each other;
  • The human factor: it is better to work with nice people, so your companion should inspire confidence and inspire sympathy.

6.Traffic flow

Attracting Instagram followers from other social networks is a great way to increase the number of followers for free at the first stage of promotion. Use all the social networks that you lead. Put a link to your Instagram in all your profiles. Write in the status that you are mastering a new format, posting a recent photo of you in IG. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Share news in posts: for example, you announced on Facebook that you would not release posts on weekends, you went to the sea, and photos from your vacation will be regularly uploaded to IG. Then periodically remind subscribers that you now have Instagram and invite them to visit your profile. This way, you can organically increase the number of followers on Instagram without taking almost any action.

For example, if you have your own business, insert a link to your Instagram on your website, e-mail newsletters, and even Google Maps. Thus, you will collect additional traffic from different sites.

7. Reels

Facebook on Instagram has its Tik Tok analog – Reels. In this section, you can post videos lasting from 15 to 60 seconds. Track trends participate in challenges. Here you will also find an audience to draw attention to your blog.

Instagram is looking to roll out a new content format. The social network algorithms are more favorable to videos made in Reels and display them more often in recommendations. Use this hack to get followers on Instagram before your competitors do. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Important. If you have a TikTok account, you can upload your videos to Reels, but it’s better to make them here – Instagram has a negative attitude towards TikTok icons on videos.

8. Mark on publications

Posting a link to your page with other users will draw attention to your Instagram profile and help you gain followers. Ask acquaintances, friends, or clients to tag you in a photo or story. So you will collect targeted followers interested in the life of not a particular person but also his circle of friends. To get the latest stories, install our app here

9. QR code

Create your QR code and add it to business cards, ads, any other printed matter. In general, if you use offline advertising, feel free to place a code on it to go to your Instagram account quickly. This will help you gain traffic and expand your audience.

10. Manual mass following

The essence of mass following is that you subscribe to users and like their publications. These should not be just random profiles but your target audience. Seeing such notifications as on the screen, users will go to the page, look at posts and stories, and probably subscribe.

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