How to get respect at work: 8 ways to achieve respect in your workplace

Of course, first of all, in a team, we are valuable as specialists. Only now, despite numerous merits and a high position, the attitude towards you can deteriorate due to slovenliness, familiarity, neglect of communicating with colleagues, etc.

There can be many reasons why your colleagues do not respect you. But work is a place where we spend most of our time, and we want to feel at least comfortable, how to learn to get along with your colleagues and even earn their respect.

Watch your manner of communication

This is the primary task of any person who works in a team. No matter how good a specialist you are, the inability to communicate with others devalues you. Suppose you avoid talking with colleagues at the moment when they tell you something, are distracted by work, use a lot of parasitic words in your speech, and do not know how to maintain a conversation. In that case, it is not surprising that you are treated “coolly.” Colleagues are people with whom you, ironically, see much more often than your family and friends. So make these meetings enjoyable for all of you.

Smile, take an interest in the state of their affairs, try to find out who and what their hobbies are. If they ask you to go out after work, don’t say no. This is a great chance to get to know each other and feel comfortable in the workplace. In general, brush up on your social skills and be a little more welcoming and friendly.

Try to be responsive

Most of all, people are enraged by indifference to their problems. So, to earn the respect of your colleagues, you have to be more responsive. Don’t “turn to someone else” or “I’m too busy” – take a moment to listen to the person and give them advice. Be attentive to the requests of others, and it will pay off one hundred percent.

Always remember digital etiquette

Hanging on your phone while they ask you? Are you interrupting a meeting because of a sudden call? Are you silent in your work chat when asked about something? This is disrespect, and it is punishable by reciprocal disrespect from colleagues or, even worse, superiors.

Don’t close the distance

Yes, work is a second home, but do not rush to transfer your household habits to the workplace. Do not be sloppy, do not munch at dinner, do not pick a toothpick in your mouth with colleagues, do not burden others with stories about your family and your problems.

This is not interesting, even if colleagues react to such conversations (monologues) with feigned politeness. Work brings you all together, but don’t act like you’re at home. Don’t close the distance: many of your habits are repulsive.

Don’t fall for provocations

In almost any team, some like to make scandals from scratch while maintaining their innocence. This type of person is called passive-aggressive. For example, you can talk with a colleague, trying to convince him of something, but he only keeps the impenetrable mode (he starts asking you again, asking stupid questions, complicating the dialogue). Of course, this annoys you, and you lose control of yourself, realizing that you are about to say something harsh to him. But at such a moment, you will be blamed for the uproar because your interlocutor did not want anything bad. He just clarified, and you exploded.

Of course, proving provoked is not easy. So here’s a piece of advice: stay calm at all costs. In such a dialogue, they expect from you, not participation, but negative emotions – so don’t give those around you a reason to decide that you are the aggressor and that your interlocutor is a holy person.

Appreciate the opportunity to work as part of a team

Any success you achieve as a team is your collective result. As well as any failure. Poor results indicate your inability to negotiate and your irresponsibility.

Don’t be an individual player. Do not overtax yourself if you win, and don’t try to evade responsibility if you lose.

Respond appropriately to criticism

If you are criticized, this does not mean that they want to hurt you. Criticism is good, especially when you perceive it adequately. This means that you can correct all your mistakes and shortcomings and use criticism as a kick to growth.

Agree, it is much more comfortable to work in a team that can point you to your mistakes or miscalculations than to be surrounded by colleagues who pretend to smile on your face and discuss your work behind your back.

Have your opinion

Try to defend your position and beliefs on important issues, but do it not aggressively, but politely and reasonably. It will help if you respect other people’s opinions while not giving up on yours. So your colleagues will understand that you are not so easy to manipulate.

A person who can be pushed around is unlikely to be treated with respect. And if you have not yet fully decided on your point of view, it is better not to get involved in an argument and discussion.

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