How to keep your house smelling good all the time

It will be wonderful to wake up to a house that smells so good you want to shut your eyes and think about it for hours? Even the most avid pedants may have unpleasant odors in their homes.

You wake up to a home that smells like rotten socks, forcing you to spend time looking through cabinets for the cause of the moldy-bread odor.

Keeping your house smelling good can be difficult — from trash and mud to stinky shoes. Various factors may contribute to a home that smells anything but a spa, no matter how hard you try to distribute delicious scents around your home. This article has collected life hacks to keep your house smelling good all the time.

1. Fry fish with lemon slices

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

In order to significantly minimize the smell that can fill the entire apartment while frying fish in the absence of a kitchen hood or its weak operation, you need to fry the fish by putting slices of fresh lemon in the pan. This not only minimizes the smell but also makes the dish tastier.

2. Baking soda in a slow cooker

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

If there is a heavy smell of food and cooking in the kitchen, a slow cooker and baking soda will help solve the problem. You just need to pour a few tablespoons of soda into the bowl of the device and fill it with water. Then close the slow cooker and turn on the “Heating” mode. The vapors released by the device will cope with unpleasant odors.

3. Disinfection of sponges in the microwave

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

Bacteria actively multiply in a humid environment, and therefore a sponge for washing dishes is their favorite home. Over time, it starts to smell bad, and we throw it away. But it’s very expensive! The sponge will last longer if it is disinfected after each dishwashing. To do this, it just needs to be heated in the microwave for 1 minute. This method eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, which means that the sponge will not begin to exude a stench for a long time.

4. Toothpaste to help all fans of plastic lunchboxes

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

Many of us carry food with us to work or school in plastic lunchboxes, which over time begin to smell so-so from contact with food. To eliminate this problem, you should arm yourself with a sponge and wash the container with toothpaste. You can also use the good old newspaper method. A few crumpled pieces of newspaper should be placed in a clean, dry container, closed with a lid, and left overnight.

5. Vinegar with apple is cleaned by seasoned cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards absorb the smell of the products they have been in contact with. If the board starts to smell bad, you can use vinegar. The board should be washed with hot water, then wiped with vinegar, and thoroughly rinsed. Apple will help eliminate a more persistent and ingrained smell. To do this, grate it on a coarse grater, spread it over the entire surface of the board, leave for 10 minutes, remove the apple mass, and wash the board with running water.

6. Citrus peel will save the microwave

Not every one of us is heroic by regularly washing the microwave inside. Therefore, an unpleasant smell may occur in it. To get rid of the problem, you can easily do this: take the peel of a tangerine or orange and warm it up a little inside the microwave at low power to prevent burning. In the same way, you can refresh the oven.

7. Spices for shoes

An unpleasant smell inside our shoes is a problem that needs to be solved. This is especially true for those shoes from which it is impossible to remove the insole for cleaning (glued). But if we use dry cloves, we will get rid of the problem.

You need to put small bags inside the shoes (you can make them elementary from paper napkins!) with this spice. It will take several hours for the carnation to absorb excess moisture and give its fragrance to the shoes.

8. The liquid laundry detergent can easily become a room flavor

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

A great way to refresh the room without spending money is to make an improvised and very effective fragrance with your own hands. We put several cotton pads in a small cup, filled them with a tablespoon of laundry detergent, and put the container in a secluded corner. The aroma persists for up to two or three days, after which the homemade freshener needs to be replaced.

9. Candles will eliminate odors in the bathroom

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Candles in the bathroom can not only create a cozy atmosphere but also neutralize unpleasant odors. Moreover, it is not necessary to use flavored versions for this purpose. The barely noticeable smoke that comes from the candle just copes with this task. Therefore, during the hygienic procedures, it will not be superfluous to light the wick, just do not forget to put it out before leaving the bathroom.

10. Car freshener for the urn in the toilet

How to keep your house smelling good all the time

To make the toilet smell exceptionally good, you need to use a car-hanging fragrance, “herringbone.” There is a thread on the product that can be attached to the urn for used toilet paper. You can do the same with the trash can in the kitchen, and then the smell of food waste will not bother you.

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