How to make a man crave you

What woman does not dream that once caught in the eyes of a man, to remain forever in his memory? To become the one who will be remembered many years later? Yes, almost every girl will not refuse such a super-ability! But what needs to be done about this? Men primarily pay attention to the appearance of their partners, but it soon becomes clear that something more is required for a long and serious relationship.

A man is looking for a girl, next to whom it will be interesting and with whom there will always be something to talk about. It is such a chosen one that can master men’s thoughts for a long time.

what a man needs from a woman in a relationship

How to make a man crave you

Ease of communication

A woman who openly and easily makes contact with others often smiles and seems to spread positive energy around her is always in a great mood and knows how to give it to people. She attracts the opposite sex like a magnet because it is always interesting, fun and calm at heart with such a partner.


Men appreciate the ability to do random things! It is never boring with such a woman, and the partner will never know what monotony is.


Every woman has her secrets and tricks. Men are especially attracted to wise girls who know how to solve problems calmly and cope with stress.


A woman who never allows anyone to offend herself immediately wins in the eyes of men. Her inherent self-respect helps her leave relationships where she is not appreciated and look for a partner who will respect her and see her as a person.


A woman who knows exactly what she needs will not waste her time on uninteresting and boring work, on friends who use her, on dull films, and on men who are unworthy of her. Such ladies are always ready to change their lives for the better and take a step towards change.

The ability to easily survive parting

A break with a loved one, as a rule, is not easy, and because of this, a woman’s self-esteem suffers. But if a girl knows how to pull herself together quickly and does not show her experiences to her ex-partner, believe me, he will not soon forget it! Only truly strong and self-confident women know how to let go of a man and respect his decision.

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