How to protect your wrist watch from the sun and the sea

Especially in summer, the watch needs care not to wear out. We have the tips that will help you protect it in the best possible way.

The sun, heat, sweat, water, salt, chlorine; all create a summer cocktail that is dangerous for the good health and appearance of the skin and hair. It can also be disastrous for your watch – if it is not a smartwatch.

The best solution is to leave it at home when you exercise or go for a swim, especially if the strap is made of leather. But come on, you can not see your wrist naked. What options do you have so as not to ruin it in the summer?

We have some good steps to help you take care of it and protect it properly, inside and outside the beach.

4 tips to protect your watch in the summer

No watch is completely waterproof

According to experts, no watch – except smartwatches – is 100% waterproof. That is why it is recommended not to risk its endurance and take it out every time

before diving into the sea or the pool.

Clean it from sand, salt, chlorine, and other contaminants

If you are used to diving with the watch again, when you come out of the sea, you should rinse it with clean water, wipe it with a dry towel so that it does not get wet, and let it dry in the shade, not under the sun.

Avoid exposure to the sun

First, because the watch’s color can fade on both the dial and the wreath, but also the strap if it is leather; second, it can damage its mechanism. If you notice a problem in his movement, it would be good to seek the help of a specialist immediately.

Tighten the (leather) strap

No matter how hot you are, no matter how much your wrist sweats, do not leave the leather strap loose to avoid creases and to protect its glass from breaking in any rotation of the watch.

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