How to remove bad odor from clothes

An unpleasant smell in the armpit area is a product of bacteria processing that migrate from the skin’s surface to our things and then feed on sweat, penetrating the tissue. It is not always possible to remove a sharp aroma by standard washing. In this case, we advise resorting to other, more effective methods.

9 methods to remove bad odor from clothes

1. Airing

How to remove bad odor from clothes

If the smell of sweat on clothes is insignificant and appeared only today, you can try to avoid it by airing. The stronger the wind outside, the faster it will be possible to achieve this goal. All you need is to hang your clothes on hangers and take them out to the balcony, porch or garden (whether you live in an apartment or a private house). Two or three hours in the fresh air should be enough for the fragrance to fade completely.

A more effective solution to the problem will be using a drying machine. The main advantage of the device is that with its help, the fabric will not only be blown by air but will also undergo high-temperature treatment, which will destroy harmful bacteria living on the fabric.

2. Baking soda

In the case of removing the smell of sweat, soda has several applications. The first is to mix soda with a small amount of water until thick paste forms, and then turn the clothes inside out and apply the resulting mixture to the contaminated areas. Before removing the remnants of the paste, you need to wait for it to dry completely. It is better to clean the soda with a stiff brush – it will be easier and faster.

The second method assumes that you put a dirty thing in a plastic bag, pour half a glass of soda, tie the ends well and shake it several times so that the powder is evenly distributed over the clothes. Leave the item for ten minutes, then take it out of the bag and thoroughly brush it.

The third option is the most effective when talking about old smells; for example, if you have worn clothes for several days in a row, each time “saturating” them with even more sweat. You will need an invariable tandem of baking soda + vinegar. In a basin with warm water, you will need to add 150 millilitres of vinegar and mix dirty clothes. The thing needs to be soaked for two to three hours. After that, send it to the drum of the washing machine, and add the powder mixed with three teaspoons of soda to the compartment for household chemicals. There will be no trace not only of the smell of sweat but also of stains.

3. Household soap

How to remove bad odor from clothes

No wonder our mothers and grandmothers considered it a real lifesaver. And even now, when there is a huge assortment of household chemicals in the store, their hands are still reaching for household soap. We advise you to take an example from them and get a couple of pieces. Moreover, in the fight against the smell of sweat, the remedy is irreplaceable.

So, turn the clothes inside out, wet the armpit areas with water, and lather them with household soap. Leave the item for 30 minutes to neutralize the aroma, and then wash it in the usual way – you can in the washing machine or do it with your hands.

Please note: Household soap should be used only when it comes to white and light fabrics. In the case of bright clothes, it is better to resort to other methods since the color may fade due to soap.

4. Salt

Salt, like soda, is a universal remedy that is suitable for eliminating various types of contaminants. In addition, it perfectly neutralizes odors, as you can see from your own experience. Pour into a glass of warm water, dissolve two tablespoons of salt, and then apply to the stains. To make the mixture work, leave it for a couple of hours, then wash your clothes in the usual way.

Salt also copes well with traces and the aroma of the oil. You need to pour a little salt on the stain, leave it for half an hour, and then wash your clothes by hand with laundry soap or in a machine with powder. If we are talking about things made of delicate fabrics, for example, silk, use a salt solution – in one glass of water, you will need to dissolve a tablespoon of salt.

5. Freezing

As we have already mentioned, an unpleasant smell on clothes appears due to the fact that a large number of harmful microorganisms accumulate in the fabric. They also harm the skin, causing irritation and itching. Since bacteria and fungus die under the influence of either very high or extremely low temperatures, they can be eliminated with the help of a freezer.

Carefully roll up the unpleasant-smelling clothes, put them in a clean bag or bag made of thick canvas fabric and put them in the freezer for a few hours. After the time has passed, there will be no trace of the sharp aroma and pathogens on things.

6. Vodka

How to remove bad odor from clothes

Is there alcohol at home? It’s time to use it in a non-standard way. Take vodka and mix it with water in a ratio of 6:1. Pour the solution into a spray bottle to make it easier to apply, and spray on the armpit area. The main advantage of this remedy is that it eliminates the smell of sweat and neutralizes harmful bacteria so that they do not provoke the appearance of a new fragrance.

7. Lemon

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If you can cope with such corrosive aromas, it will also easily get rid of sweat. Lemon juice should be mixed with water, and the resulting mixture should be applied to contaminated areas. There is no need to wash clothes; just let them dry to absorb the lemon juice. After that, the thing will smell pleasantly citrus.

8. Ground coffee

How to remove bad odor from clothes

Dedicated to lovers of a cheerful drink. Fresh ground coffee has an amazing aroma, so you can safely use it to eliminate various odours from clothes. The powder should be poured into a thin handkerchief or a cloth, secure the edges well, and placed closer to the armpit areas. A kind of compress should be left overnight so that coffee can completely neutralize sweat.

9. Essential oils

How to remove bad odor from clothes

This remedy will not so much eliminate or mask the unpleasant smell. For convenience, fill a spray bottle with water with the addition of a few drops of essential oil, and then spray the liquid on the spots and let it dry. The oil can be any: lavender, vanilla, bergamot, or orange. Choose the fragrance that you like the most so that the clothes smell fragrant

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