How to tell if your partner is cheating on you

We all worry that our partner might cheat on us. But not everyone betrays. Often our concerns are unfounded. Maybe he has to work late, or the weird girl you found in the bathroom is his sister, but in this article, you’ll find some clear signs of cheating. Before reading, ask yourself if your partner truly loves you – if the answer is yes, stop worrying and start focusing on the positives in your relationship.

Pay attention to changes in his routine

Have you noticed that your partner sometimes comes home later from work? In some cases, these small changes are justified by commitments, but you should still keep an eye on them.

He does not allow you to touch or look at his phone, emails, etc

If your partner hides his phone from you or deletes all messages before letting you use it, he probably has some secrets.

Notice he leaves the room to answer calls

If you ask who phoned, do they always answer “Nobody”? Also, in this case, he could be hiding some secrets.

Have you noticed sudden mood swings and a tendency to argue more?

In some cases, a cheating lover will transfer his shame, anger, and guilt onto you, starting to fight. In short, he will use you to discharge his negative feelings.

Has your partner stopped talking to you?

Have you noticed that he had become very distant, whereas before, he always had something to say? Your relationship may have lost intimacy because your other half has a lover.

See if he always tends to belittle someone

Even if he says negative things about a person, pay attention to how he talks about them all day. It may be that he is trying to make you believe that he hates that person to avert your suspicions.

Pay attention to changes in opinion, especially when it comes to music, politics, social issues, favorite books or movies, etc

When a person spends enough time with another, he begins to adapt his points of view or understand them. If your partner is interested in things they hated before, they have probably been influenced by someone.

Did his friends start acting weird in your presence?

When you talk to his friends, do they seem anxious, nervous, or eager to leave? They probably know something that you don’t ignore.

Does he seem very angry when you show up unannounced or text you when he’s home, never calling you?

These, too, can be signs of betrayal. For some reason, he doesn’t want you to stay in his house for a few moments. It is quite suspicious.

Uncover his own lie

Naturally, ask your partner where he was on a particular day, and remember his answer well. Ask it again a few days later. If he lies to you all the time, it will be difficult for him not to betray himself. He may also get angry about your questions, giving you another signal.

Beware of receipts and receipts that have orders for two people

If you keep finding fast food receipts with products for two or two drinks in the cup holder or a receipt for a piece of jewelry you didn’t receive, be careful.

Does your partner have more than one email or social media account? Or did he change his password to prevent you from logging in?

Normally, if he has never given you the password, this is not a problem. But if he suddenly changed it to protect access to his messages, you should be careful.

Notice if he starts buying you gifts for no reason or if he starts informally mentioning the breakup of your relationship

Questions like “What would you do if we broke up?” are very important clues. Everyone feels guilty after a betrayal. Many people will try to mask this guilt with selfless actions or gifts.


  • Be discreet when trying to discover a betrayal. If you make it clear that you are suspicious, your partner will hide the situation altogether. Your best bet is to wait for his mistake.
  • In some cases, people are naturally traitors. Some people are very self-centered and have no respect for the feelings of others. Try to stay away from such people.
  • Always try to fall in love with someone compatible with you rather than someone who has an opposite view of the world to yours. Being in a relationship means sharing everything and understanding your partner.
  • Get to know your partner. Study their personality and behavior before joining you. Did he love to flirt before he was with you? Have you ever cheated in the past? How many people did you go to? Some people would never cheat, and others don’t even notice they are. Understanding what kind of person your other half is will help you a lot.
  • Discovering a betrayal is never a pleasant experience. It hurts to know that an important person lied to us, which has an impact on our self-esteem. He finds comfort in the fact that men and women have faced betrayal since the dawn of time. It is better to find out right away and turn away from the traitor rather than remain faithful to those who do not return the favor.
  • Follow your instinct. On a subconscious level, the brain can pick up on these changes in your partner and, to avoid suffering, it can start rationalizing them. If you notice a lot of signs, don’t overlook the problem.
  • Remember that these signals, when taken individually, are no guarantee of betrayal. In some cases, a man forgets his phone and doesn’t answer, or a girl is with her friends; It happens. However, if you have a reason to be suspicious and notice several signs, you should investigate further.
  • If you discover a betrayal, dismiss the person in question. Enjoy your life and be glad you found out.
  • Be careful if your boyfriend always picks up any girls who pass him.
  • Try to understand your other half’s true feelings by looking at their facial expression for signs of guilt.

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