“I love him, but he lives in a studio… What will I do?”

He gives me all the attention I needed. Though he is cute, neat and spends all his cash on me, he is living in a studio. But I need a man that owns a house, what will I do?

Since I started dating, I’ve never met a man like that. Attentive, cute, neat, hygienic, generous, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have much, but the little he has, he spends it on me and makes me feel like a queen.

However, there is one big concern. He lives in a studio commonly referred to as ‘going to bed’. At first, when I found out, I said I was going to stop, but the love he showed me was so strong and beautiful that I couldn’t come to terms with my decision.

He said he was considering moving and that he would not renew his rent in April, which I agreed.

The game keeps soaring higher, and I fell in love with him too. Then, I started to feel comfortable in his room, with one eye open. But I made it clear that I would never spend the night at his place.

Our bond keeps growing, and you know how love can be blind at the early stage, I found myself spending the night there, again and again.

A few weeks ago, I asked him what’s his plans were for moving out of the shell. Unfortunately, I asked him how much money he had on hand to rent a new place because I was secretly planning to support him with some cash.

To my surprise, the dude clearly told me, “honey, I didn’t have much at the moment.” I was angry and so disappointed in him.

Right now, I’m thinking about all this. I don’t think I can continue, but I can’t stay for a day without seeing him.

Advise me, please. What will I do?

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