“I need a guy who will take bullet for me”, says Ghanaian lady

Love is all about sacrifice, but life is also precious. A Ghanaian lady is on the search of a man that will take a bullet for her. It sounds funny, but love doesn’t cost a thing!

As the proverb says, “What a woman wants, God wants”, but in this precise context, does it make sense to say that God will grant the wish of this young Ghanaian woman?

Indeed, a young woman maintains that she needs a man who can take a bullet for her at any cost. Whether it’s raining or snowing, she wants someone to support her and maybe die for her.

The young Ghanaian lady has, via her twitter account, announced her wish by writing: “I need a guy who will take a ball for me.”

Now the question is, at this time of life, which man would risk losing his life because of a woman?

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