“I won’t do it again”: infidelity wife flog by her brother [Video]

A woman who allegedly deceived her husband by sleeping with another man was severely beaten by her brother.

A Nigerian woman who allegedly cheated on her husband received a lifelong lesson from her brother. According to a video of the incident posted online, the lady could be seen flogging mercilessly for cheating.

According to one of his brothers, who spoke in Yoruba (local dialect), the family does not tolerate such an act.

He praised the husband, Hakeem, for his rare patience and his decision not to be abusive, adding that this has never happened before in their family. The man added that to prove to Hakeem ‘her hudband‘ that they also disapprove of their sister’s act, the family decided to whip her.

During the punishment, the lady was heard to say that it would never happen again.

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