“I’m the least racist person in the world” – Trump

“I’m the least racist person in the world.” Thus American president Donald Trump defends himself against New racist accusations against him, after his repeated attacks on Elijah Cummings, a black Democratic MP from Maryland. Trump made the ruling for journalists in the White House.

“No other president has done as much as I have done for the African-Americans,” he said. According to Trump, unemployment among black Americans has never been so low.

Trump tweeted on Saturday, among other things, that the Cummings’ City of Baltimore is demeaning and plagued by vermin, and that no one wants to live there. The president also compared Cummings’ district, which is mostly black, with the U.S.-Mexican border.

The Democrats accuse him of running a hate campaign with his racist statements, something which Trump denied on Sunday. According to the president, he then received numerous calls from the African-American community to “thank him for his involvement”.

In mid-July, Trump also stated that he had “no racism in him”. He said earlier that four women congressmen from minority groups should return to their own countries where everything goes wrong instead of commenting on the US.

“I’m the least racist person in the world” – Trump
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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