In South Africa, EFF attacks “Clicks” group for “racist advert”

The “Clicks” group, South Africa’s leading pharmaceutical company, has angered the virtual world after making less than flattering comments about African natural hair. Citizens dragged the channel in response to the words, enraged by what many believe to be racist slurs. Julius Malema’s EFF issued a statement in response to this unfortunate situation, referring to “disgusting racist advertising”.

Economic freedom fighters weighed in on the drama surrounding comments made by the “Clicks” group on the company’s website, referring to natural African hair as “dry” and “damaged”. The Red Berets have made clear their dissatisfaction with the situation: ‘It is inexplicable that this imagery can be portrayed, an image that reinforces racism, a narrative of the anomaly of darkness as opposed to whiteness as the norm’.

‘The EFF notes the disgusting racist advertisement broadcast by the pharmaceutical outlet Clicks, which advertises black women’s hair as inferior to that of white women.’

In South Africa, EFF attacks “Clicks” group for “racist advert”
Clicks advert of hair

‘The advert visually and descriptively asserts that black women’s natural hair is damaged and dull while portraying white women’s hair as normal, thin and flat,” the Red Berets denounced in a statement released by the political party on Friday afternoon.

The EFF called the advertisement a violation of human rights. On the other hand, the group “Clicks” was forced to withdraw this advertisement and apologize. But, the party of Julius Malema, very angry at this deplorable situation, continues to criticize the company for having fueled stories, which the Rainbow Nation is striving to get away from.

“The transgression that Clicks committed goes well beyond a simple advertisement, it represents rather a cornerstone of anti-black racism, which manifests itself in contempt for black identity,” denounces the EFF.

EFF is adamant that the “Clicks” group has committed a human rights violation, calling on the company to be held responsible. “The Clicks group must, therefore, be considered as having committed a violation of human rights in this regard because its publicity perpetuates the violence of colonialism and racism.”

“All progressive forces must engage in direct action to ensure that the Clicks are held accountable for their racism, and this is not overlooked, like many of the violations black people face in this country.”

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