India: A man worships Donald Trump as a god (video)

Criticized by several people, the American president, Donald Trump is rather considered a god by some Indian people.

Bussa Krishna, a 31-year-old farmer from Konne, Jangon district of Telangana, worships Donald Trump as a god.

The old man has installed a picture of Trump in his puja room and prays every day.

According to news reporter HindustanTimes, this veneration began after the assassination of an Indian software engineer, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, by a US Navy veteran in an alleged hate crime in February 2017.

“I was saddened by this incident and told myself that the only way for the American president and his people to understand the greatness of the Indians was to show them our love and affection. That’s why I started worshiping Trump with the hope that prayers would come one day,” he said.

“I believe that Indians can soften anyone with their spiritual powers. When you can not directly confront a powerful person, you can soften him with love and adoration and that’s what I do.”

Adoring politicians is not new to the Indians, as many of them have given political leaders and movie stars divine status by erecting their statues and building temples for them.

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