India: These amazing things you did not know about Bollywood

In India, Bollywood is the name given to the music and film industry.

Although still very popular around the world, including action movies and love movies, there are things that many passionate people do not know about Bollywood.

Still, Bollywood has nothing to envy to film productions like Hollywood and Nollywood. With the most often films rich in dances, colours and emotion, it is full of potential and many do not suspect for the least.

Bollywood films are most often inspired by Hollywood screenplays.

Bollywood makes over 1000 film productions each year, double the amount of Hollywood.

In India, every day, nearly 14 MILLION go to the movies! This constitutes 1.4% of the population.

It should also be known that Bollywood films are very popular in Africa.

Several countries benefit from a mass broadcast of Hindi film, including Somalia, Egypt and Ethiopia. Some movies hold the bill for a whole decade.

The production cost of Bollywodian cinema is lower than that of Hollywood, generally not exceeding $20 million while those in Hollywood are often 10 times more expensive.

Reservoir Dogs, Madame Doubtfire, The Godfather… Many are the American movie classics that have their version in India.

In France, a Bollywood film is highly anticipated on July 25th. This is the Bajirao Mastani, released for 3 years in India.

The film tells the story of a love trio by highlighting social issues such as religion, responsibility and family.

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