Indonesian airline provides original entertainment on board: live music

he Indonesian airline Garuda offers passengers new entertainment on board: live concerts. It wants to seduce millennials “who want a different kind of flying experience”. Acoustic live music at 10 km altitude, it is indeed something different than a B-film from two years ago.

The first concert is already over: it took place on Wednesday during a flight from the Indonesian capital Jakarta to holiday island Bali. Two musicians boarded on board to play a set high in the air. Garuda also wants to promote emerging talent. These are mini-tags of 10 to 15 minutes on some domestic flights. Those who do not like it should not, in principle, experience discomfort for too long.

It seems an original and fresh idea, but in 2017 the American company Southwest also launched live performances on certain flights. The reactions of the passengers were then very mixed. Some travellers found that they were disturbed in their sleep or while reading.

Garuda says in no uncertain terms about the safety of one night. “In case of possible turbulences the singer will be brought back to his seat immediately”, it sounds.

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