7 benefits of boxing training

Boxing is one of the oldest sports, undeservedly overshadowed by MMA and other disciplines these days. The problem with boxing is that it contains powerful punches that can turn a fighter into a vegetable under certain circumstances or turn a face into minced meat. Many guys, knowing this, are afraid not only of boxing but also of the training itself because few people want to walk with a broken nose, a black eye, and a torn ear. But in fact, boxing training has nothing to do with such injuries because they only appear in fierce matches, where fighters violate technique or overdo it. When it comes to boxing training, this is one of the most effective ways to make yourself strong physically and emotionally.

Exercise the muscles of the whole body

Most exercises in strength sports focus on certain muscle groups, which is not entirely correct because it is unnatural for our body. Boxing training is designed to engage all muscles, especially during the active phase of the fight, because the athlete needs to simultaneously move his legs and arms, tighten the abdominal muscles, etc. Thanks to this, the development of muscles is more even than in the gym.

Boxing training effectively burns fat

Typically, athlete training is high-intensity training and looks like a load-to-rest ratio in a 3: 1 format. To put it simply, boxers usually warm up or fight for three minutes, after which they rest for one minute. This high-intensity training will seriously speed up your metabolism, thereby increasing your calorie expenditure. Combining this workout with proper nutrition and calorie counting will help you lose weight quickly and convert energy into muscle growth.

Moreover, unlike gyms and fitness, where training is not so intense, boxing training, by accelerating metabolism, allows you to burn extra calories even during rest.

Improve coordination

By doing boxing training, you will feel how it has become easier for you to synchronize your movements, observe timing. Boxing develops not only coordination but also motor skills, making you dexterous and almost elusive for untrained opponents.

You will become faster, stronger, and more agile not only in sports but in general in life, which will give you an undeniable advantage, especially when you need to use your legs and arms simultaneously.

Have a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system

Violations of the cardiovascular system lead to many serious diseases such as stroke or heart attack. Boxing training, which, as we said earlier, is one of the best forms of cardio, is one of the best forms of cardio to help prevent this.

During boxing training, your heart beats faster, which accelerates the blood better, which removes stagnant processes. In addition, in the process, harmful fat is burned, reducing the body’s burden.

Boxing training increases endurance

If you look at famous boxers, you will notice that with their larger mass than average men, they are much more agile and resilient than those who go to gyms. This is because high-intensity cardio training allows you to increase your strength reserve constantly.

Yes, it won’t be easy at first, especially if you have led a sedentary lifestyle. But the longer you work out, the higher your endurance will be, and a year after your first visit to the gym, you will be able to train for hours without getting tired. Of course, if you follow the advice of the coach.

Boxing training is the basis for self-defence

Any adequate coach in boxing will say that the knowledge gained in the gym should be used either in the ring or for self-defense, but not for an attack, especially against an armed opponent. Alas, our world is full of bad people who sometimes go against common sense for fun or profit, and therefore you always need to be able to stand up for yourself.

Boxing training will make you more agile and confident, and perhaps if you show that you are ready to fight back, the enemy will backfire and hesitate to go into a more aggressive phase of the conflict.

Strengthens the spirit and reduces stress

Boxing is not only about physical development, as in a regular rocking chair. No, it’s more about mental strength, how you feel around other people. You stop being afraid of many things. And these are not only suspicious aggressive people on the street and any adversity that previously pressed on you and made your knees shake with fear.

Boxing training is also good because you can always lose steam by punching a punching bag or by sparring in the ring with a live opponent. It is sobering and helps to collect thoughts into a whole.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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