New Instagram filter Instameat: wrap yourself in a bowl of meat

With a new filter (Instameat) on Instagram, you can see your head turn into meat in a container. The artist Caio Vita has worldwide success with it. There is a serious message behind this at first sight jolly, but also a little lurid filter.

“Instameat began with the idea that we are constantly selling ourselves on social media,” explains the Brazilian-born Vita to the Best Social Media website. “Social media turns our identity into a commodity, and success is measured with followers and likes. Dating apps also contribute to the idea that we are meat, ready for consumption.”

The filter is ‘open to interpretation’, everyone does and means something else by it. “In Brazil, Some people of color used the filter under the guidance of the number a Carne of Alsace Soares. That number says, “the cheapest meat on the market is the black meat.” The song is about police brutality and racism against people of color in Brazil.”

Vegans and vegetarians also love the filter; they criticize the meat industry with it.

New Instagram filter Instameat: wrap yourself in a bowl of meat

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