Instead of helping a dying jogger, he steals her phone

Instead of providing first aid, an American (35) stole the phone of an unwell jogger. The woman (64) later died in hospital.

At approximately 1:00 pm (local time) on Sunday, October 18, the woman developed heart problems while running in Soulard, a historic neighborhood in the city of St. Louis. She fell down on the street.

CCTV footage shows Brian Davenport talking to a passer-by who was on the phone. The man was probably calling the emergency services and did not see how Davenport approached the woman.

The man in his thirties refused to start a cardiac massage. He grabbed her phone and then drove off in his red Dodge.

Police called for witnesses and shared the security camera footage. This resulted in Davenport’s arrest on Monday.

The deceased jogger is Jacquelyn ‘Jackie’ Olden. Until her retirement, she worked in the industrial kitchen of a school in St. Louis.

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