Instructions we all ignore

The instructions make life easier, more efficient, or safer. But it’s not uncommon for people to ignore instructions for various reasons. Someone because he is lazy, another because of the desire to show that no one is a decree to him, and the rest do not consider them important.

Some instructions, if ignored, can lead to dire consequences or at least make the person look stupid. Here are the instructions that we all ignore.

Separate clothes before washing

Why add salt to the washing machine when washing

Why, if you can throw all the dirty things into the washing machine and thereby save time and effort? The problem is that even at low temperatures, dark things can turn white. And if you also put something colored with not very high-quality paint, from the machine you can get no longer snow-white shirts, but a multi-colored clown outfit.

Turn off screens two hours before bedtime

This applies to all screens, from TVs and computers to tablets and smartphones. The fact is that due to the bright glow in the eyes, the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, slows down. As a result, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep, and insomnia may begin.

But, of course, you will continue to watch memes until the bitter end, realizing that in a couple of hours, it is time to wake up and go to work, and you have no sleep in one eye.

Follow the instructions of the flight attendant on the plane

Every time you fly on an airplane, the stewardess or steward will give instructions before take-off, showing you where the emergency exits are, how to act in emergencies, and so on. But you are not listening because the flight attendant prevents you from enjoying the series on your tablet, waving his arms ridiculously. And then everyone is surprised why people behave extremely inadequately during an emergency landing and trample each other, striving for the same exit.

Read the instructions before taking the drug

Instructions we all ignore

And completely. We draw special attention to this. The fact is that in the instructions for medicines, in addition to the method of administration, there are useful lines about contraindications, interaction with other drugs, and so on.

You risk your health by putting a pill in your mouth, knowing only when and how much to take. Who knows, maybe this particular drug should not be taken with vitamins or any food, and this will at least lead to sitting on the toilet for several hours.

Dispose of fluorescent lamps and batteries in designated areas

Instructions we all ignore

In fairness, some people follow this instruction unquestioningly, understanding the environmental damage this garbage can cause. However, most people ignore these instructions and throw energy-saving light bulbs and batteries with the rest of the waste.

So that you understand, both contain heavy metals and acids that poison the soil, water, and air. Do you think this will not affect you? All these harmful substances get into food, you eat it and shorten your life.

Turn the mattress several times a year

Of course, we are talking about springless mattresses because if you turn over the spring mattress, it can fail, and the metal can stick into one of your soft places, making you jump in surprise. Springless ones tend to clog, and so that they straighten out and pits do not appear on them, they should be turned over at least once every few months.

Few people do this, and then people wonder why it has become so uncomfortable to sleep as if you are lying on an old bed with a mesh bottom.

Change your toothbrush every month

When do you usually change your toothbrush? If bristles are frayed so much that it cannot clean off even buckwheat stuck to in your teeth, or if half of the fibers have already fallen out. But on the recommendation of dentists, you need to change the brush at least once a month. The point is that the bristles become unusable and in the bacteria that accumulate on it.

Descale the kettle every 2-3 months

Instructions we all ignore

You drink tea and notice some flakes in it, but it makes no difference to you? Well, you just got drunk on the scale, which is not very good for your body. Depending on the hardness of the water, the kettle should be cleaned at least once every few months. With strong rigidity, this bar shifts to once a month.

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