Investigation in India after a tweet from Greta Thunberg

The Delhi police have opened a preliminary investigation against the creators of the document containing recommendations given to Greta Thunberg on her tweets’ content about the revolt of Indian farmers. Investigators are denouncing a conspiracy.

Indian police have opened a preliminary investigation against the creators of a document shared by eco-activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter to support demonstrations in the country, reports Indian news channel Times Now.

The “toolkit” posted by the 18-year-old activist includes a list of “suggested messages” about farmers’ protests and advice on encouraging people to organize them in or near Indian embassies. The tweet was removed in the process, but a screenshot is still circulating.

According to Times Now, investigators are talking about a conspiracy. They believe that the Canadian Foundation for Poetic Justice is behind this document.

According to them, the activist is asked to share the messages of other celebrities who tweet on the same subject, including Rihanna.

Rihanna’s tweet about the protests

American star Rihanna has sparked the ire of Indian authorities with the retweet of an article about farmers’ protests against new laws in India that liberalize markets.

The government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and even celebrities call to denounce foreigners who try to break the country’s unity.

Since November 26, tens of thousands of farmers, most from Punjab (north of the country), have been demonstrating in camps erected on major roads on New Delhi’s outskirts, protesting against the liberal policy of the government, which could lower the purchase price of their food.

The tension escalated on January 26, the National Day, when thousands of demonstrators on tractors entered the capital before storming the iconic Red Fort. The clashes left one dead, and dozens injured among the police.

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