Is it a good idea to have the first date at home?

Lately, we didn’t know any better, the first date at home. But most women would rather not have the first date at home, while a large proportion of men do prefer this.

Many women think the first date at someone’s home is a bad idea

93% of women think it is a real no-go to have the first date at home with someone, while the 20% of men prefer a first date at home. Can a first date at home be a good idea in some cases? And how do you go about that?

Did you meet each other on a dating app?

For a first date, it is often said that it is best to do a fun first date activity so that you do not have to focus 100% on the other person and have a distraction. For example, hiking or mini-golf. But what if you decide to ask the person on a date at your home? Is that even possible? And how do you make it not uncomfortable?

Most women don’t like to go on a first date at someone’s home. But of course, it can be done. If you find each other interesting enough, you are both (often) willing to have the first date at home. If you have seen each other in real-life before, it is also easier to trust each other and meet at home. Do you know each other through a dating app and have not seen each other before? Then we do not recommend a date at someone’s home.

How to ask?

It is important how you ask someone on a first date at your home. Not creepy, not aimed at getting her into bed. It can quickly give the wrong impression.

You also shouldn’t do it because you don’t feel like coming up with another activity. Make a clear plan and propose it. “Let’s cook together. And do you like to walk the dog afterward?” is better than proposing to watch a date movie together. You will not get to know each other better, and it may come across as if you only want to date with different intentions.

If your date is still a bit hesitant, you can also ask to do some shopping together before cooking. Then the ice is broken before you even get home.

How do you prepare a date at home?

The time has come: your date is coming to your house. There are a few things to bear in mind. Just because they step through the door doesn’t mean you have the green light. Still, treat your date as a date. Greetings at the door can be awkward, especially on a first date. Make sure you greet your date and make them feel comfortable. A kiss on the cheek or a hug is perfect. Make sure your home has a friendly, pleasant, and cozy atmosphere.

The first date at home is always exciting. Is my date a serial killer? Is my date a catfish? Or is he or she just out for s*x? These are the questions everyone wonders. Give each other a sense of security, and everything will be fine.

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