3 tips to feel more confident on a first date

Before the first date, everyone is nervous, both women and men. It is naive to believe that only women think about what to wear and behave to please a potential partner. The first meeting with a man is often viewed in this context, but it is more important to feel confident and comfortable.

How to build confidence on your first date

These simple tips will help you control yourself and act at ease.

Dress the way you are used to, and in what you feel free

Many glossy magazines are full of ready-made images for a first date: dresses, shoes, earrings, a handbag … talking about not looking too cute, but not vulgar, confident, but gentle. Why not listen to your inner voice? How do you want to be in this meeting? What do you feel?

If you are used to walking in sneakers, loafers, or boots in everyday life, feel free to choose them instead of elegant heeled shoes. But what to wear depends on where you are going to go. If it’s a restaurant, is there a dress code? Etc. Build on what impression you want to make on the man. Either way, you should be comfortable in your chosen outfit. She shouldn’t make you any more nervous.

Put on your usual makeup without thinking about what men like

If you never used to paint your lips with red lipstick, then you shouldn’t. On a date, you will once again worry if she has imprinted on your teeth. Do you need it? Moreover, men perceive this colour as a hint of sexual desire. Lipsticks in nude shades look just as good.

Wear makeup that you are used to, and that will make you feel confident. Mascara and some blush? So so be it! After all, this is your face; it is already beautiful with all its minor imperfections like pores, wrinkles, and freckles.

Don’t think about which date “this” is going to happen

Listen only to yourself and your intuition. Perhaps you have rules on this subject? Do you want to get it all at once or go through all the relationship stages before sleeping with a man?

Rely only on your feelings. Having indicated for yourself whether you want it or not, you will begin to feel more confident, which means that your first date will be as comfortable as possible for you.

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