Is it true that you get overweight from eating too much salt?

Salt has been in the corner for years. And too much of it is linked to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. But how is it that you would not use salt to eat?

Fast food, ready-to-eat meals and other unhealthy food have a lot of salt. You might know that. You also know that with this type of food, you naturally (faster) add more. Then healthy food that probably contains less salt.

But that you add fast food and other bad food has nothing to do with the high salt content in it. Salt does not contain calories, so you cannot thicken it either.

What research has already shown, is that salt can indirectly contribute to overweight because it thirsts so that you more often sweetened drinks grabs. Although it must be said that the consumption of salt and sugared drinks are related.

But no causal connection has yet been found. For example, they could all be the expression of a still unknown factor, such as lifestyle.

People who eat a lot of salt at home may also be the people who have a lot of access to soft drinks at home. That they rather opt for a sugared drink instead of water, is logical.

So, in principle, you do not come up with an excess of salt, but it is certainly not healthy. A study by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) in 2015 showed.

That we are well above the recommended daily dose of 6 grams per day with an average of 9.5 grams per day. This has to do with our consumption of salty snacks and fast food. But also because of ‘hidden’ salt, such as in biscuits and bread.

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