Is Meghan Markle pregnant? Her dress suggests connoisseurs do

Is Meghan Markle (37) pregnant? The British tabloids and royalty watchers think so. After all, photographs of Meghan have surfaced in a royal blue dress, in which her round belly appears. In addition, Markle’s mother was spotted in London at a company that trains nannies.

Meghan Markle did not want to wait long afterwards with family enlargement after her marriage to Prince Harry. During a visit to a campus in Belfast with her husband a few months ago, Meghan hinted to want a royal baby. The couple then spoke with the makers of innovative and hypoallergenic baby products. “I am sure that at some point we will need all these items”, Meghan then noted. According Sinead Murphy, one of the creators, the two were very involved. “Harry was especially interested in the baby bath”, she added.

According to some royalty watchers in the British media, it could well be that far. There is also a lot of speculation about photos of Meghan that appeared this week. Then the other half of Harry can be seen in a royal blue dress with a bulging at her belly. Although sceptics think that it is probably just an optical illusion, and that the picture was taken from a wrong angle.

Looking for a nanny?
Yet there would be another sign on the wall: Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, was spotted in London at a company that trains nannies. Doria would also suddenly visit much more often than before at Meghan and Harry. In the past few weeks she would have secretly visited her daughter several times. “Because she will soon help with the care of the child”, it says. And then again: the British Royals would often announce big announcements before the start of a royal tour. And yes, Meghan and Harry are just touring Australia next month. The coming weeks will undoubtedly show whether there is indeed a question of family expansion.

Source: HLN

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