Is your partner a good fit for you, according to astrology?

Aquarius is witty and calm, Cancer is sensitive and devoted, and Leo is loyal and demanding. Is your partner a good fit for you, according to astrology? Or, if you are single, which zodiac sign would be a good match for you?

According to astrology, which zodiac sign would be a perfect match for you in the article below?

1. Leo: Loyal and demanding

Loyal and demanding

The main motive of Leo is passion. If Leo has something (or someone) in mind, he will do his utmost to achieve it. You can also build on him, provided you place him on a pedestal: Leo expects you to see him as ‘king of the animals’. If you give him a lot, you get a lot in return.

2. Virgo: Orderly and planner

Virgo: Orderly and planner

Does she like you? At Virgo, you cannot determine that in the beginning. Do not become insecure about this because it may just be that she knows how to hide her feelings well. In a relationship, Virgo is an orderly type, the one who likes to get things right. You can quickly leave planning a vacation for her. Virgo is also critical and tenacious.

3. Aquarius: Witty and cool

Aquarius: Witty and cool

With Aquarius, you can have a lot of laughs – the most normal things are much more fun with him because he gives it a cheerful twist. On the other hand, he is not the most profound type and can be a bit aloof. Like Gemini, he gets bored pretty quickly. The more independent you act, the more he probably likes (and continues to enjoy) you.

4. Pisces: Sensitive and tenacious

Pisces: Sensitive and tenacious

Pisces takes relationships quite seriously. She can take a light-hearted comment heavily: Pisces is sensitive and easily felt rejected – and she makes that very clear. In an argument, she will not easily agree with you. When she’s in love, she throws herself into a relationship with complete dedication. She is an attentive lover who does her best to surprise you.

5. Aries: confident and intense

Aries: confident and intense

If you like someone who is strong in his shoes, makes easy decisions, and can be a bit dominant, then Aries is the one for you. It’s never boring with the Aries, but its intensity and demandingness can make you tired from time to time.

6. Taurus: caring and possessive

Taurus: caring and possessive

The Taurus keeps an eye out for things and can seem a bit cool at first. It takes time to get to know her because she first wants to assess whether it can work. Taurus does not like being noncommittal: if she goes for it, she does it one hundred percent and expects the same from you. If you are not ready for such a commitment, Taurus may not be for you.

7. Libra: Charming and present

Libra: Charming and present

In love with the Libra, it is all about balance. On the one hand, he likes to be alone, on the other hand, he is looking for love. Beauty is important to him: he appreciates it when you look well-groomed and does his best himself. The Libra is charming and generous but can also be bossy and precise.

8. Scorpio: Passionate and caring

Scorpio: Passionate and caring

To the Scorpio, love is mostly a physical thing. She is passionate and expects you to choose her: if you are friendly with someone else, she can react with jealousy. She is very interested in you, and in a relationship, she will do her best to take good care of you. Loyalty is not necessarily the strongest side of Scorpio, although it depends on what you understand by that: Scorpio can be sexually ‘unfaithful’ and at the same time very loyal.

9. Sagittarius: Positive and passionate

Sagittarius: Positive and passionate

If you are more likely to see a half-empty glass than one that is half-full, the Sagittarius may be a good match for you. This sign is an optimist who values honesty and morality. Sagittarius is passionate and passionate both in physical contact and in conversation.

10. Capricorn: Dedicated and present

Capricorn: Dedicated and present

Depth is vital to Capricorn. She doesn’t just pick anyone, but if she really likes you, she puts in a lot of effort for you. She has clear opinions and can even be controlled, so it’s important to choose your path from the start of a relationship. However, you can make it quite subtle that she should give you a little more space; then, she gets the hint.

11. Gemini: Lively and unpredictable

Gemini: Lively and unpredictable

If there’s one thing that characterizes Gemini, it’s that he likes change. That is especially nice in the beginning: Gemini is open to everything and loves to surprise you. You can probably also laugh a lot with him. If you want to build something with him, you have to deal with his unpredictability. Being on time and keeping other agreements is not his most vital point.

12. Cancer: sensitive and dedicated

Cancer: sensitive and dedicated

Sensitive and empathetic, that is Cancer. If you are looking for someone who is going for a stable love relationship, Cancer is your wife: she likes stability and is a devoted partner. That commitment can lean toward dependence and sacrifice. If she’s not feeling well, she can argue with you. But when you have finished talking, she is sweet and caring again.

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