This is the best sport for your zodiac sign

We all have a different preference when it comes to sports. But have you ever wondered how exactly it is that you prefer yoga over a few kilometres? Much has to do with your personality. And although it may not be the most scientifically based method, you can often also benefit from having a look at which sport is best for you according to your constellation.

Getting the absolute maximum out of your work-out is done by choosing a sport that suits both your personality and your physical abilities. Here you will find the best sport for your zodiac sign.

Aries: SPINNING For a born league animal like you, there is no better sport than spinning. Together with a group of other competition animals, you can get the bottom out of a group lesson and you will feel satisfied anyway.

Taurus: RUNNING Sports is not your favourite activity. You prefer to engage in discovering new things. You can happily combine this with running or speed walking. Plot a new route every day to keep it interesting for yourself and you will notice that you will become a real running fan in no time.

Gemini: TENNIS Find yourself a tennis partner and sign up at the nearest tennis club. Your social constellation will all benefit from going to work with someone else. Moreover, you get a lot of satisfaction from working with a tennis partner.

Cancer: YOGA Lobsters tend to let their emotions take the upper hand. Occasionally making time for some meditation helps you to give all your feelings a place. Yoga is therefore the sport that your sensitive nature needs.

Lion: DANCING a lion likes to be the centre of attention. Which sport is better than standing on the podium in the spotlight? It is best to choose Leo as an intensive dance class that makes you sweat a lot.

Virgo: PILATES As a Virgo you have an eye for detail. That is why pilates is also the ideal sport for you. By finishing the movements, you execute during this class, you calm your analytical mind and train your body.

Libra: BALLET As a scale, you know everything about balance. A ballet class where you have to do a lot of exercises at the barre is therefore ideal for someone like you. Find your balance, work your movements to perfection or try to dance elegantly to pointes: as a scale you will find guaranteed satisfaction in ballet.

Scorpio: BOXING Scorpions experience everything more intensely, especially their feelings. That is why you all benefit from looking for a physically challenging sport. Boxing drives you physically and mentally to the limit, and that is just what you need.

Sagittarius: WALKING As an archer you were born for the adventure. So, a work-out in nature is really something for you. That is why Sagittarius choose the best for an intensive walk through the wild nature.

Capricorn: WALL CLIMBING As Capricorn, it is no wonder that you love to climb things. Wall climbing is both physically strenuous and mentally challenging. Moreover, it is ideal for stubborn people like you: because wall climbing puts your perseverance to the test.

Aquarius: TRAMPOLINE JUMPING A true Aquarius often feels attracted to the extraordinary. Your free-spirited nature ensures that trampolining is all for you.

Fishing: PADDLEBOARDING You feel like a fish in the water on a paddle board. In any case, you have an innate predilection for all water sports, but paddleboarding adds a little extra challenge to your fitness routine. No possibility to paddleboard in your neighbourhood? Then try to learn how to dive

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