Isolated Chinese buy yoga mats, games and condoms massively against boredom

Because of the coronavirus outbreak at the end of December, millions of Chinese are stuck in quarantine at home. The boredom of the detained residents is increasing, and that is reflected in the increasing sales of Nintendo Switch games, yoga mats, books, and condoms.

According to data from the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, the demand for health and entertainment products has risen sharply in China. Shopping centers and other stores will remain closed, and the sales of telephones and cars will fall.

Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo, a game that you have to exercise with, sold four times better than average, according to Alibaba. Chinese people who bought things tell Reuters news agency that they want to stay fit and healthy, even during quarantine at home. Yoga mats and rowing machines also did considerably well.

Also cosmetics and condoms

Even though it is mandatory to wear face masks outside, sales for some lipstick brands increased sevenfold. Sales of eye shadow also increased by 150 percent. Also, residents bought 60 percent more books in the first week of February, compared to the week before.

Other online shopping websites in China also saw unexpected sales figures. Pinduoduo sold more kits to cut hair, and packs of condoms rose to their top 10 best-selling products.

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