Israel destroys Hamas submarine in Gaza Strip

An Israeli naval ship and an army drone struck a group of Hamas militants deploying a submarine on the shores of the Mediterr anean Sea. This was reported by the press service of the Israeli Armed Forces on Monday, May 17.

The Israeli army’s armed forces reported the destruction of a Hamas submarine off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. According to the military, the submarine may have been sent to carry out an attack in Israeli waters.

Several suspects were spotted near the submarine, which was believed to be a sample of Hamas’ underwater naval weaponry.

The vessel was being brought ashore, and it appears that the suspects intended to send it to carry out an attack in Israeli waters. “A warship and an army UAV struck the militants and a unit of underwater weapons onshore in order to eliminate the threat,” the Israeli military said.

After detecting the threat, an Israeli warship, as well as an IDF aircraft, struck the Hamas submarine.

The situation in Gaza escalated on May 10. Within days, seven Israeli citizens were killed and 200 wounded as a result of the shelling. The Palestinian side reports more than 700 dead and more than 1,000 wounded.

Earlier it became known that Palestine intends to appeal to the International Criminal Court after Israeli strikes on the media building in Gaza. The incident took place last weekend.

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