After the Israeli-Palestinian clashes, Turkey bangs hard on the table

Relations between Israel and Turkey are far from perfect.

Between Turkey and Israel, the cloth burns. Indeed, following the clashes between the Israeli armed forces and the civilians of the Gaza Strip who have made not less than 55 dead, the Turkish president decided to bang on the table.

Already last December, he lambasted the US decision to open his embassy in Jerusalem: “We will not abandon Jerusalem at the mercy of a state that kills children,” he said at the time.

Today, however, the words have given way to the fact. As a result, Ankara told the Israeli ambassador that he was no longer welcome on Turkish soil.

In addition, Erdogan used strong words against the events of Monday since this drunner called Israel’s action genocide. Finally, the Israeli consul in Istanbul was also declared persona non-grata.

In response, Israel has decided to send the Turkish consul back to Ankara indefinitely: “We have no moral lesson to receive from Erdogan whose hands are soaked with blood,” said Benyamin Netanyahu.

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