“It was just a kiss..” – Half of the women believe is cheating

“It was just a kiss…” When it comes to unfaithfulness, everyone has a different opinion about what deception is right. What seems? Men often share the same opinion and find that a kiss is not necessarily cheating.

Cheating is different for everyone. For some it is a text message in which something is flirted too much. For others the limit is only exceeded when their partner goes to bed with someone else. A study shows that half of the young men give the same meaning to the word. As they do not immediately see a kiss as cheating. 73% of women, on the other hand, felt that a kiss with someone else is deceiving. The same number of men indicated that they also do not regard cybersex as skated skating. Again 75% of the women disagreed with this.

Dating coach James Peerce points out that these findings show that there is a clear difference between how men and women look for intimacy. “Although we cannot deny that you do not respect your partner when you are kissing another person while you are in a relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman,” he tells The Independent. “If you do not care enough about your actions, or what effect that will have on your partner. Then you are together with the wrong person”, he adds.


The study was conducted by BBC Radio 5 Live, where 2,066 Britons were questioned. About going to bed with someone else almost everyone (91%) agreed: that is cheating. After that, the boundaries are clearly blurred. For example, only 40% believe that swiping on a dating app is also deceiving. Although relationship therapist Fran Walfish thinks this is also cheating. “Adultery is seeking satisfaction from outside your relationship. That can be emotional, physical or sexual. If you just flirt with the idea and you’re mentally somewhere else, it’s often a harbinger of deception.”

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