Italy: He takes selfie in front of a woman hit by a train (Photo)

In Italy, the selfie of a man unworthy of the whole country has been going viral on social media.

At the Piacenza station, while a woman seriously hit by a train was being rescued, a man took a picture of himself in front of the stage, a selfie that shocked all of Italy.

Indignant, another person photographed the man taking a selfie in front of the victim of the train.

It is the Italian daily Libertà that makes the photo public last weekend.

Several people have taken it back and shared it on social networks. The incident took place on May 26th.

On Facebook, the journalist Giorgio Lambri spoke on the issue.

“Today in the pages of Libertà, I tell you the picture I took a few days ago whose legend could be. ‘Houston, we have a problem!’ That is to say, we have completely lost the sense of ethics.”

“Worse, on the picture, we see the man who makes the sign of the “V” with two fingers, which means victory.”

“There is no hope”

According to the local Italian media, the accident was so serious that the woman had to be amputated with one leg.

The affair, which makes a lot of ink, did not leave insensitive police who asked the author to delete the photo.

For the moment, the man has not been arrested for the simple reason that the law has not planned to punish such an act, which goes against morality.

On social networks, some show their anger by commenting on the posts.

It reads, “This guy should be locked in a closet,” “Imbecility has no limit” or, “This idiot makes a selfie. There is no hope”.

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