Jordan Adlard inherits domain of 57 million euros from unknown father

Jordan Adlard Rogers was a worker who was financially on the ground in his social home. Today, the 31-year-old Brit is a well-to-do aristocrat who lives on a property of 620 hectares, an inherited estate worth millions of euros. A DNA test showed that Adlard Rogers is the bastard son of a wealthy drug addict who died last year.

Jordan Adlard Rogers did not know at all that he was the son of Charles Rogers, who died in August last year at the age of 62. The Rogers family have been moving into the historic Penrose estate in Cornwall, England for almost 250 years. In 1974 a large part of Penrose was transferred to the National Trust heritage organization, but the Rogers family was allowed to live there for another 1,000 years.

Jordan Adlard Rogers had long suspected that Charles Rogers was his father, but he could never prove it. A DNA test after Charles’ death revealed that the 31-year-old Brit was indeed the son of the aristocrat. Adlard Rogers thus became the rightful heir of his biological father and inherited not only the right to live on the estate but also a fixed allowance of 1,140 euros per week.

Jordan Adlard inherits domain of 57 million euros from unknown father
©Shutterstock – Loe Bar, part of the huge Penrose estate in Cornwall.

The man immediately stopped working, bought a fancy Mercedes C63, went to New York with his partner and had an outdoor gym applied to Penrose, wherever he wants to live. Jordan Adlard Rogers has one son of his own. He claims he’ll never deny where he came from. He wants to stay simple and support the less fortunate. In his own words, he would like to return everything for a relationship with his father when he was still alive. “Then he might have chosen a different path,” he said.


Unlike Adlard Rogers, his father did grow up in luxury. But Charles Rogers became addicted to drugs, which also meant his death last year. In recent years, Charles Rogers had left the impressive Penrose estate – which he had inherited in 2012 – for what it was and he lived like a hermit in his car. He had broken up with family and friends for decades. He failed to care for himself and did not pay his bills. He was completely lowered.

According to Penrose’s manager, Phillip Care, Rogers had lived much longer than he could ever have imagined. His mother died two weeks after Charles Rogers’ death. She also had to hand over her other son, Nigel, when he died of cancer years ago. The illegitimate son Jordan Adlard Rogers thus became the sole heir of his father Charles Rogers.

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