DRC: Judge Mbuyi’s accusations against Kabila outrage Kinshasa

Who shot Judge Jacques Mbuyi Lukaso? On the night of July 18 to 19, 2017, the Lubumbashi District Court judge narrowly escaped an assassination attempt when he was to rule on the opponent Moise Katumbi’s trial the following day.

The judge receives thirteen balls in the body. Seriously injured, he is finally evacuated to South Africa.

In an interview recorded in this country and granted to France 24, Jacques Mbuyi comes out of silence to publicly declare his attackers: according to him, President Kabila would be behind this assassination attempt.

We are in the night of 18 to 19 July 2017, in Lubumbashi. Judge Jacques Mbuyi hears noise: he claims to have seen soldiers entering his plot. They threatened him and shot him.

“These soldiers came from the Republican Guard. There was a whole shootout and it was the day before the hearing. I said we will not be swayed, we will tell the truth. The tracks are clear: the attackers came from the presidency, that’s the power. Who embodies power today in Congo? We are not going to put on gloves, we are not going to beat around the bush to say that it is President Kabila,”accuses Jacques Mbuyi.

In Kinshasa, these accusations arouse indignation in the entourage of the president. “Why politicize crimes?”Asks Lembert Mende, the spokesman for the government.

“Obviously, he does not want to go back to work in the country, and he wants to be a refugee, he starts to say anything about people who have had only good intentions towards him. It is not because people are in military uniform that it is military. Military attire can be a disguise. What I know is that these are people who just wanted to confuse the investigation that is being conducted.”

According to this official, an investigation is still underway to elucidate the perpetrators of this attack.

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