Justin Bieber under fire for dreadlocks [Photos]

Justin Bieber (27) has changed his hairstyle and nowadays goes through life with dreadlocks again. And that is not appreciated. The singer would, according to his followers, be guilty of ‘improper cultural appropriation’.

Bieber already had dreadlocks five years ago, and his fans weren’t happy about that either. And now, according to them, he is making the same ‘mistake’.


Justin posted a photo on Instagram with his new look, and the reactions started pouring in immediately. ‘Dude … I love you, but this really can’t be. This is so inappropriate, you should know better. Didn’t you say recently that you had studied black culture? Well, this haircut proves otherwise. It’s not up to you to have a ‘black’ hairstyle,’ said a follower.


Another writes: ‘I am disappointed in you. Fantastic that you spoke out about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, but don’t suddenly pretend you’re a ‘black dude’. This haircut is really an insult to the black community’.

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People also expressed their anger at the hairstyle on Twitter, mainly because Bieber still uses samples of speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. on his most recent album, but apparently ‘does not understand the historical background of dreads’.

Five years ago, Bieber wore blond-dyed dreadlocks for a while. After a fuss about it, he posted a bizarre video in which he appeared to be under the influence, with the caption: “Being weird is nice, if you’re not weird, I don’t like you.” Bieber has not yet responded to the criticism of his new coupe.

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