Justin Bieber angry about fans camping on his doorstep

Justin Bieber is pretty tired of fans for his home in Los Angeles bivouac to catch a glimpse of him. In his Instagram Stories, the singer says, “This is not a hotel, this is my house.”

He doesn’t understand that the fans in question think this behavior is okay. “How do you imagine that it isn’t terribly inappropriate and disrespectful to wait in front of my door and gawk, stare at me or take pictures when I walk in?”

It is not clear whether 26-year-old Bieber has been particularly bothered by fans at his front door this week, or whether he expressed a longer-playing annoyance.

Justin has reason to be concerned about who is around his house: the singer has had to call the police more often when overly fanatic fans or confused people tried to enter. In 2014, a woman was arrested and found sleeping in the bed of his rented house.

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