Kim Kardashian’s home intruder claims to be her husband

A man who claimed to be Kanye West (43), the husband of Kim Kardashian (40), tried to break into the reality star’s home in California last week. Her guards stopped the 24-year-old man, Page Six writes.

Kardashian tightened up her personal surveillance in 2016, when she was brutally assaulted during her stay in Paris. And not without reason, as it turned out again.

The guards turned the man over to the police, who kept him under psychiatric supervision for 72 hours. A source close to Kardashian was able to tell Page Six that.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, had just passed the main gate when he was stopped in Hidden Hills around 6:30 PM. When asked about the reason for his unannounced visit, he claimed to know Kardashian and even to be her husband.


The Los Angeles police have charged the intruder with trespassing, but according to TMZ, he is now free again.

In Paris, where Kardashian stayed during fashion week in 2016, she was tied up and held at gunpoint by her attackers, after which the apartment was cleared. Since then, she has been determined never to let anything like this happen again.

‘I have several security guards at home. I need someone on each side of my house, ”she said in 2018.“ I live in a gated community, and they are right at the entrance,’ she explained

It is unknown if Kim, who is currently in divorce from her husband Kanye West, and her children were at home when the man attempted to enter the premises. The reality star spokespersons did not want to respond.

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