Ladies, here are 4 types of answers to give to a womanizer

The womanizer is a man who cannot be satisfied with a woman. They run all the time behind women. When they have finished with a woman, they immediately start running after another. In general, they are very persevering and insightful. To keep them away from you, we offer 4 types of answers.

1] I will go to your house and tell your wife and children that you’re running after me.
Even if outside they behave like children and irresponsible people, the women, when they are married, do everything to hide their double life from their family. They want to be respected, especially by their children. By threatening him in this way, he will certainly leave you alone.

2] I will tell my darling that you are following me after all the time
This answer could dissuade him. He might think that your darling is someone who could beat him up. Why take blows for you? He will leave you alone.

3] You are not reliable on the health side, with all the women after whom you run
This is precisely to let him know that for nothing in the world you will not agree to be with him because of STDs, since he goes out with several women at the same time. It could also bring him to his senses and say that he puts himself in danger by running the women in any way.

4] I know you. You dredged one of my girlfriends and now it’s me?
They run so much women, that the womanizer does not remember all their targets. No need to invent a name for your imaginary friend. Just say that he dredged one of your girlfriends and that for nothing in the world you will not accept his advances. Shame will certainly make him leave.

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