Lady cut off her partner’s organ at night because he is smiling with girls

A girl has decided to cut off her partner’s organ, thinking that it could be the best possible way to keep him off from cheating on her. Rehema Kabayana, 24, was convinced that Anthony Sekawa, 28, had an affair and she would have used a four-inch knife to take revenge, reports the PML newspaper in Uganda.

According to the police, she has waited for her boyfriend to be asleep before committing the act. The neighbours heard his screams of pain and called the police. Sekawa was then taken to the hospital. He told the police that he fought with his girlfriend and that during the fight, she tried to slit her throat. And when he fell asleep later, that’s when Kabayana cut off Sekawa’s sex.

At the time of her arrest, Kabayana told the police that she had recently discovered that her boyfriend was in contact with different girls at a mansion in Wanton Mukono and had therefore decided to take revenge. “I discovered that he was going out in secret and flirting with other girls in different bars. It made me very angry. I was angry and could not relax,” she said.

The detectives said the couple had been fighting for so long because of the man’s unfaithfulness – she had asked him to stop contacting other women, including not talking to them, answering their calls or even their smile.

She also explained to the police that he did not succeed in doing so. Kabayana felt that his requests were taken for granted and decided to move on to this nauseating act at the Kings Bar located in Wanton Mukono District.

Note* A girl should not cut off her partner’s sex for any reason or because she is suspecting him of infidelity, cheating on her or whatever that happened.

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