Large quantities of weapons discovered in Algeria

Stockpiles of war weapons have been discovered in the area of In Amenas, near the Algerian-Libyan border. According to a security forces official, they consist of several weapons, ammunition, a Rocket Launcher, 3 shells and a machine gun.

The Algerian army regularly announces the discovery of caches containing weapons of war in various parts of the country, including near the borders with Libya, Niger, and Mali.

At the beginning of April, Algerian military units discovered two caches containing a large number of weapons and ammunition, including 24 anti-tank rockets, two machine guns, three cases of ammunition and 100 kilograms of products used in the manufacture of explosive devices.

The circulation of weapons of war in southern Algeria and in the Sahel-Saharan zone has intensified since the fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. The Algerian army has deployed substantial human and material resources on the borders with Libya, Niger, and Mali, in an attempt to thwart operations to bring weapons into the country.

Drones were used on Tuesday and Wednesday to locate and destroy terrorist targets. This is the second time since 28 April that Algerian military forces have used such means against armed groups in the southern regions.

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