Laurence Vonderdell (50) robs a bank with banana

Laurence Vonderdell (50) British citizen who robbed a bank in the coastal town of Bournemouth with a banana as a ‘weapon’ has been sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment.

Laurence entered the Barclays bank in his hometown earlier this year with the crooked fruit in a shopping bag and asked the cashier for money with the statement “this is a robbery”. He then fled outside with more than 1,200 euros.

Although it was a robbery with a fake weapon, the man disappeared behind bars. The reason for this is that the shocked cashier did not know that it was a banana. “It all sounds ridiculous afterward, but the staff member obviously did not know what Vonderdell had in his hands,” the judge said today. “In addition, a lot could have gone wrong if armed assistance should have been called in.”

Laurence Vonderdell robs a bank with banana

After his bank robbery, the man marched out again and then reported to the police on the street with the comment that he wanted to be arrested. Because they did not take him seriously, they referred him to the police station. He reported himself there a short time later.


According to the man, he had deliberately set the robbery to disappear behind bars for a long time. He was about to become homeless and saw no other way to rustle quickly. “Laurence Vonderdell was not about the money, but only about cheap housing,” said his lawyer who was satisfied with the imprisonment imposed on behalf of his client.

The convicted Brit is certainly not the first to attack a bank with a fruit. Earlier this year, a man in Israel managed to raid banks twice in a week’s time with an avocado he had dyed black. He scared the staff out because they thought it was a sharp hand grenade.

The ‘avocado criminal’, as he was later called by international media, went out after his first robbery with more than 7,300 euros and the second time with around 4,000 euros. He could be arrested later because the police were able to trace his smartphone.

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