Male Masturbation: 5 ways to ensure hygiene care before and after solo masturbation

There is no one way to sexual satisfaction, especially when you wish to go solo on yourself. The beauty of solo masturbation lies in a man’s ability to explore and satisfy their sexual urge. In the act of masturbation, the practitioner is in charge of the process, and that includes the hygiene aspect.

Masturbation is never limited to a particular gender, it cuts across both male and female, same as the hygiene part of it. But in this article, we will be laying more emphasis on male masturbation and how to go about it. But before that, let’s explore further the ideologies surrounding the act of masturbation. Many have created their way of indulging in masturbation; while some use masturbation toys, others prefer the adult cam.

Is it Ok to Masturbate?

Yes, it is. Masturbation is often recommended by medical experts as a means of stimulating one’s sexual urge – use an adult cam if you must. Engaging in masturbation while in a relationship doesn’t mean you are sex-starved, rather it is another way to trigger orgasm when your partners are not around. Talking about it with your partner can even make it more fun, grow trust in the relationship, and make the relationship stronger. In fact, instead of engaging in multiple sexual partners which will further increase the risk of STD or unwanted pregnancy, masturbation is recommended.

Masturbation can also serve as a way of distracting yourself, especially when in distress. According to a survey by a Kinsey Institute, 38% of the interviewed population confessed that they choose to masturbate (while watching porn) as a tool for distraction while 43% said they use it to fantasize about something that they had wished for in real life. It was also reported by Kinsey Institute that 99% of men that engage in masturbation experience orgasm eventually at the end of the process. But in all of this, your masturbation hygiene is of utmost importance.

Male Masturbation: 5 ways to ensure hygiene care before and after solo masturbation

Ways to Ensure hygiene care before and after solo masturbation

Wash your Hands Before and After

The commonest place to contact germs in the body is the hands, it won’t be out of place to say that the hand is the dirtiest part of the body. It is also the busiest part of the body, so because of that, bacteria, viruses’ term to occupy it more often as a result of dust and dirt particles that cloud it. So, because of these obvious reasons, it is therefore advised that you thoroughly wash your hands before and after you commence the process to avoid the risk of infection.

Trim Your Nails

While approaching orgasm, there is usually an increased stimulation, of which if you have sharp long nails, you would hurt yourself in the process. Those wounds often come as a stretch or cut, and the possibility of it (the wounds) getting infected is also high. Aside from that, sperms might stick into these nails even after washing your hands.

Make Sure your Toys are Clean

Sex toys are great masturbation agents especially when used with an adult cam, they make the process easier. But these toys do easily get dirty after use. To maintain the cleanness, always clean it with soap and water, avoid using abrasives; keep the cleaning process simple. Because most of these toys are made of rubber and plastic materials, the need to keep them clean is absolutely important, and failure to do so comes with horrible health consequences.

Choose Your Toys Wisely

The use of masturbation toys amongst men is less complicated than that of females. The way all man chooses toys that work for them should be the same way they choose toys that is easy for them to clean. The thing is, some men are naturally lazy when it comes to keeping their toys clean, so in this case, do your best to use toys you can easily keep clean without feeling bored.

Take Your Bath Afterwards

We would have said “clean up your genitalia,” but orgasm can be so unpredictable: you barely know how it plays out especially in an adult cam situation. So it is most advisable that you move straight to the bathroom after ejaculation during a masturbation procedure.


It is imperative to add that masturbation is part of healthy sexual living (even when you need to use a stimulant like an adult cam. Maintaining personal hygiene throughout this process is an attitude you must normalize. We will also like to add that as masturbation is good for your sexual health, do not overdo it. Getting addicted to masturbation can be quite embarrassing and has its own social, and health implications as well.

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