Man addicted to tattoos: “I can’t believe women avoid me”

Tattoos-addicted Matthew Whelan (39) from the English metropolis of Birmingham has almost desperately turned to British media because he is unable to find a love affair. According to Whelan, who officially changed his name to King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink ite, he has nothing to complain about, but there are hardly any women who want to date him.

Dating sites, singles parties and a chat at the pub. The Brit has tried everything to find a life partner. Whelan, who is covered in permanent skin ornaments from head to toe, realizes that he looks ‘somewhat conspicuous’, but does not understand that his last relationship ended two years ago.

“I have an active social life, but no luck in finding a loved one,” he grumbles at the tabloid Daily Star. “Incomprehensible, for I look different than usual, but I do have a friendly, sweet and tidy character.”

Whelan, according to the newspaper, the man with the most tattoos in the United Kingdom, have had longer relationships between 15 and 20 years of age. His success in love grew as he took more tattoos, but it’s been bad since he’s almost completely full. “Apparently, my looks scare off ladies. They come to me, but only because they are curious,” says Whelan.

“I’ve become like a Marmite. In other words, you love it or you absolutely don’t.” Marmite is the brand name of a vegetable herb paste developed in 1902 in England. One of them thinks the strong bread is gross, the other one likes it.

I hope there is a woman who can see through my decorations

Matthew Whelan

Look through it

The Briton does not (yet) regret his tattoos and is not yet planning to free his face or other body parts with the help of lasers. “I have some patience,” he says positively. “But something must gradually come my way. I am almost 40 years old, would like to settle down and start a family just like my peers. Of course, I realize that my looks thwart me. Nevertheless, I hope that there is a woman who can see through my decorations.”

Man addicted to tattoos: “I can’t believe women avoid me.”

Body Art, as his short name, now has over 300 tattoos that cover almost his entire body. There, he’s made adjustments to his body that might keep women from hooking up with him. For example, Whelan had the knuckle of a finger implanted in an arm and had a crown placed in his hand, a skull in his chest and a plastic plug in his chin.

He also had the White of his eyes tattooed dark, his tongue split in half and had artificial bite marks cut into his ears. Also worth mentioning: he had his nipples removed to make extra space for tattoos. The Brit is not ashamed of it. But, he says, it is and remains strange that the other sex continues to be afraid of cold.

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