Tips from a tattoo artist to make your tattoo look beautiful

When you decide that you want a tattoo, go to a tattoo shop and choose a design together with the artist. But then the real work follows, because such an ink drawing requires a lot of maintenance.

According to the advice from Sven Rayen, Studio Palermo. Let’s go straight to the door: after you have had a tattoo, you will be busy in the first few days with the care of your latest work of art. Because actually your tattoo is still an open wound that needs some time to heal. That is why hygiene is the most important thing, says tattoo artist, Sven Rayen.

Extra washing

“Wash the tattoo with a light, perfume-free soap”, he recommends. Yes, that extra shower or wash a day is really necessary to remove the extra ink that comes out of the wound and possibly some blood, “and during the first week you always watch your hands before you touch the tattoo.”


Tattoo lay people may not know it, but after setting the tattoo that spot skin is complicated with a foil to protect it from friction and bacteria in the air. “If ordinary cling film is used, you must replace it after four hours. First wash and then apply a new film, of course”, he explains.

“Also, on the second day you have to wash the tattoo again in the morning, apply an ointment and put a new foil on it. Repeat this again in the afternoon and in the evening. He can stay open the third day.”

Lubricate and moisturize

I can already hear you think: an ointment? Yes, you do well to keep your tattoo well hydrated. Rayen continues to stress that you: “Lubricate it three times a day, but do not leave the ointment on it. Make sure it feels just a little greasy, that’s more than enough. This is best done for two weeks.”

Stay out of the sun

As long as your brand-new ink drawing is still healing, you should stay out of the sun. “The first two weeks you should not swim, go to the sauna or sunbed and watch out with direct sunlight and friction over the tattoo,” says Rayen.

Good skin = good tattoo

If your tattoo is healed, the big work is behind us. The only thing you simply have to do is take care of your skin.

Think of healthy eating, drinking lots of water and faithfully lubricating a moisturizing cream to keep the skin in optimal condition “and remember: anything bad for the skin is also bad for your tattoo.

Letting your skin burn every summer will certainly have consequences in the long term!”

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