Man dies asphyxiated after practicing this position with his wife

There is no doubt that accidents are the order of the day, because they can happen even in the most intimate and inopportune moments, even sometime it becoming fatal.

Man dies asphyxiated after practicing this position with his wife

The Aweita report the case of a Mexican woman who could be prosecuted for committing reckless homicide, after her husband died while trying to satisfy her pleasure. According to the reports, the woman indicated that both were drinking alcohol in their house, and that later they began to practice different sexual positions. In one of those moments, the woman decided to climb on her husband to enjoy a ’69’.

“The position is of the Kama Sutra and previously we had practiced it,” the woman told the authorities, frightened by what could happen to her.

When questioned about a possible defence attempt or warning from her husband, the only thing the woman could say was that she noticed that he was kicking; done to that did not take importance, because she thought that it was ‘the emotion of the moment’.

The wife said that when she decided to remove her body from her husband, she noticed that his skin was purple and that he was not moving, so when she checked his vital signs she was very scared, because he had died. She did not know what to do and preferred to flee the place. Very terrible that he had been dead for ten days and his body was in bizarre shape inside the coffin one day before being buried

However, they soon realized what had happened, as the victim’s brother arrived at the house and found his brother’s immobile body. After seeing the macabre scene, he called the police, and they found the woman, whom they identified as Enedina ‘N’ in a restaurant in the city.

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