Man is shot 16 times and walks into the hospital 3km away

In the US state of Pennsylvania, a 27-year-old man miraculously survived a significant assault on his life. The twenty-something was shot no less than sixteen times by someone with a gun. Miraculously he managed to get up on his own and stumble into a hospital, about three kilometers (!) Away. The police respond to CNN in disbelief. “This is really a miracle.”

Several disturbing phone calls came to the American police in the morning about a shooting in Kensington, a famous neighborhood in the northeast in Philadelphia. When the officers arrived, there were 23 used cases on the floor. However, there was no trace of the shooter and any victim.

Not much later, a phone call from Temple University Hospital came in that a 27-year-old victim with many gunshot wounds had entered first aid all alone. An emergency operation showed that no fewer than sixteen bullets had pierced his body. He was hit twice in his hip, three times in his chest, and three times on his left arm.

A miracle

The Philadelphia police call it a miracle that the victim survived the shooting and was able to walk three kilometers on foot. The man is in critical condition, but his situation is stable at the moment. According to the police, it seems that he will recover thanks to the emergency operation again.

The police are still entirely in the dark about the circumstances and the motive of the shooting. No arrests were made, and hardly any witnesses were heard. Coincidentally, a two-year-old girl died in a shoot in the same district of Philadelphia last Sunday. An unknown shooter then opened fire on her parental home. The child died on the spot after being hit in the head. Her 24-year-old mother was also injured but is in a stable condition. A 33-year-old man is still in the hospital with serious injuries.


A national debate has arisen in the US on access to AR-15s – one of the most sold weapons – and some other guns. The guns are increasingly being used in shootings, killing many people. The call for a total ban on arms is increasing among Americans, but President Trump has refused to introduce such a ban so far.

Trump said in August that his government is still having meaningful talks with Democrats in Congress about “a form of arms legislation.” The reasons for these talks were the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. A total of 31 people were killed and dozens injured.

Trump told reporters that despite the talks, he remains a strong advocate of Americans’ right to own weapons. The Democrats demand that Trump take action. For example, they want legislation to prohibit the use of weapon warehouses with a high ammunition capacity.

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