Man kills his pregnant-wife for late preparation of a meal

Residents of the Beau Fall district in the Malika commune of a suburb of Dakar are struggling to recover from the recent tragedy. According to reports gathered on the spot, M.T. coldly murdered his wife for not having prepared his meal.

According to the initial findings of the investigation conducted by security operative. The young lady identified as young A.K., 22 years old, who was 3 months pregnant, died of her injuries after being beaten to death by her husband in black anger.

It was on Wednesday evening that the events took place. For several witnesses, the woman reportedly went to a health facility to have ultrasound examinations. Not being able to prepare the meal, she postponed this task but this deprivation was not to her husband’s liking.

According to his neighbor, M.T. the victim’s husband is described as a violent man who regularly beat up his wife. The day he killed his wife, he didn’t want to hear or understand anything. He isolated his wife in their bedroom, which he had taken care to close. He started beating her up. The neighbors tried to open the door to help the wife but to no avail; the man beat his wife for at least two hours which led to the tragedy.

The young woman was rushed to the Keur Massar Health Centre and died a few minutes later, along with the baby she was carrying. The murdering husband was taken into custody.

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