“My husband forces me to sleep with rich men”

My husband lost his job and wants to revive a past on we both agreed to end. He suggests I should sleep with a client at work, who is rich. I am the type of woman who would like to do everything to please my man and make him happy

My husband was my best childhood friend. We grew up in the same neighbourhood and attended the same colleges and high schools. I’m tempted to believe – he’s the only one who really knows everything about me and loves me anyway. We both come from an unfriendly family environment and we have come together over the years.

When he asked me to be his girlfriend, we continued our university studies. It took me just a second – to say “Yes! There was absolutely nothing to think. I loved him so much: I still love him.

In the third year at university, his father passed away. His father worked with a security agency and took loans to finance his studies. My parents are both teachers, so you can imagine how I survived as a student on campus.

Married man

It is therefore in one of these difficult semesters that a married man is interested in me. I discussed everything with my husband, even if he was only a boyfriend, so we assessed the situation as a whole and came to a conclusion that I would “play”, that I would receive the most possible financial aid, then after I broke up.

Things were going well until the married man “fell” in love with me and wanted to rent an apartment for himself and me. His wife lived and worked in a different region – with their children. Usually he would visit his family on weekends and holidays, so it was not really a problem for him.

I ended our relationship because my friend did not agree with the idea. During our last year on campus, we needed money to spend the last semester. So, we agreed to find another married man.

We both graduated and found very good jobs, and then we got married. Life was finally good for us. However, before the wedding, we both agreed to end the business because we were financially independent. We have three (3) children now and have been married for 10 years.

Husband lost his job

My husband lost his job in February 2017 and he has been home ever since. I help with the home (financially) and I think we do not really need money. However, my husband wants to revive a past on which we both agreed to end. He suggests that I think of going out with a client at work, who is rich. I opposed it and it is offended. He claims that I do not earn enough to support the family and that his many attempts to find a job are unsuccessful.

He is indirectly warning me because he plans to go out with older women for the same cause, to support our home. I love my husband and I can understand his frustrations, however, we are not really hungry. We are always financially stable.

He has access to my accounts and my savings. Why would he want me to sleep with other men, especially now that we are parents and role models for our children? I am the type of woman who would like to do everything to please my man and make him happy. I do not know what decision to take now.

Help me please!!

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