Man wants an iPhone 5 in exchange for his goat

A teenage Ghanaian in dire need of an iPhone has gone to extraordinary lengths. He offered a goat in exchange for it since he didn’t have the money to purchase it. Unfortunately, his request was denied since the goat’s worth was insufficient to cover the cost of the phone he desired. A photo of a guy trading his goat for an iPhone 5s has gone viral on social media.

This Friday, November 19, an extraordinary event occurred in Ghana. A guy was seen with a goat in a video that went popular on the Internet, and it was stated that he had hurried to the market to trade his goat for n iPhone.

According to the video, the young guy wanted to trade his goat for an iPhone 5s, an earlier model of Apple’s phone. The guy persisted in donating the goat just so he could acquire the Apple gadget, and the phone dealers couldn’t believe their ears.

“How can you exchange a whole goat for an iPhone 5s, which is significantly old compared to later versions?” a guy is heard questioning in the video.

Unfortunately, the sellers rejected the offer, claiming that the goat’s worth did not equal that of the phone the guy desired. Netizens mocked him on social media without actually understanding what prompted him to make such a barter.

“People are cruel, and you have no idea who this guy is,” Sammy Skratch ruled. “He’s being pressured by a lady who expects him to do it,” Jimen Dwomoh thinks. “Do you believe that whatever males do is for the benefit of women?” Aj Opti enquired. “Exchanging good for good is preferable to theft,” Asiifi Foster adds. King Ackwerh said, “Do you suppose he has the goat ownership license?”

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