Manageress fryer throws glowing hot frying oil at robbers

Two robbers of a chip shop in the Walloon city of Ath did not experience their best day. The plan was to steal the daily profits from a fryer. Unfortunately for the thieves, they got thrown hot frying oil at their heads.

Around 21.45 hours, the two robbers invaded the chip shop, according to the parquet of Tournai (Hainaut). They threatened the woman behind the counter with a hammer and demanded the contents of the cash register. However, the woman reacted by shouting for help.

Then her mother showed up, who runs the chip shop. Furiously, she threw the cash drawer at the robbers. Then she took a scoop of piping hot frying oil and threw it at the robbers as well. It worked, because the two ran outside, without loot, and fled with their scooter.

The robbers should have known better. It’s not the first time that a deep-frying operator defends himself in this way. Kessel-Lo deep-fat fryer Ivo Ooms recently managed to get four robbers out of his business by hitting them with a hot fryer chip. They also had to drip off without loot.

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