Marlene Emvoutou refers Samuel Eto’o as “irresponsible father”

Marlène Emvoutou a Cameroonian passionate about football and former candidate for the presidency of the FECAFOOT has recently launched a spade to the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o.

On her Facebook account Marlène Emvoutou shared a message in which she reproaches Samuel Eto’o for being “an irresponsible father”, after listening to the whatsapp voice of her son, Etienne, broadcast by Marianne Pineda, ex-wife of the star.

According to the audio, Samuel Eto’o changed his number to avoid calls from his son and blocked it on Snapchat for 2 months. A publication by Etienne Eto’o that moved the entire web and generated more than 1,500 outraged comments in a few hours on Facebook.

Marlène post

Marlène Emvoutou has decided to lend a hand to the player’s son “I just spent an all-nighter after listening to this audio message from your son, Etienne Eto’o that you broadcast. My mother’s heart is shattered, I can’t stand the pain of a child’s crying. I contacted people at Nike who promised to offer your son two pairs of shoes every quarter, if that’s okay with you. Besides, we can find a way for your son to continue his football training in aspiring Qatar. I solemnly undertake to offer the sum of 1000 euros to Marian Pineda for her son on the occasion of the Christmas holidays” she said.

The message that Etienne Eto’o had sent to his father some time before was the following: “Hi, Mom, the reason I’m calling is to tell you that I can’t talk to dad because he changed his number and he didn’t give me his new number. I could talk to him on snapchat, but he blocked me out two months ago. I sent the message to Uncle Patrick to send him for Father’s Day, but he didn’t even answer me. I just want my dad to call me. I’m tired. I’m ashamed to go out on the street and people ask me why your father isn’t with you. I’m really disappointed. I am ashamed because I am the only one who, when I go to Macdonald, has to pay for a 1 Euro hamburger to avoid spending a lot of money because my mother says there is no money. I don’t mind picking up my dad, but I don’t even have the money to fly. my friends pay me a taxi here. Thank you, mom, for listening to my message.

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